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Hey, y'all!  Welcome!  I'm Nora.  Once an attorney, I now spend my days as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom who loves God, her family, and a good doughnut. 

Take a Trip is the outward creation of an inward desire toward greater hospitality and connection. 

I believe there are women of all different ages and stages of life who are looking for connection... and for the chance to make new friendships - or nurture old ones. 

I believe in the power of fun and exploration. 

And thus... Take a Trip was born.

 The idea and concept is simple.  I plan, organize, and do the footwork for a trip.  You sign up, show up, and have fun.  You make new friends or bring along an old one (or two.. or three..).  We all have a great time, eat great food, make memories, and then repeat the whole thing again.  

Trust me -- we're going to have fun! 

Scenic Bike Ride
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