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Wondering if you should Take a Trip?

(Yes.  The answer is yes.)

Aerial Image of the Beach

The Goal of Take a Trip is to curate trips that will:

  • surprise and delight

  • spark joy

  • lead to new friendships

  • deepen old friendships

  • be full of moments of side-splitting laughter and fun

  • offer experiences that you might never think of or plan for yourself

  • be full of moments of casual fun...

  • and also give you the chance to show off your fancy

These trips are designed for:

  • Your genuine self - we want you to come as you... because we believe true connection happens when you are the truest version of yourself

  • The still-young and the young-at-heart

  • The gal looking for fun

  • The gal looking for friendships

  • The gal who appreciates good food

  • The gal who loves a little bit of luxury, while simultaneously recognizing that sweatpants are the greatest piece of apparel ever invented

  • The gal who loves good, clean FUN

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