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Take a Trip (Charleston Edition)

December 7-10, 2023

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Welcome to the lowcountry! 

Charleston is an old gal (parts of her are older than the United States itself... yeah, let that sink in for a minute).  And while she's a storied lady with some dark parts of her past, she's also a quite the center of southern charm and hospitality.  


And at Christmas?!

Well, obviously this lady is going to put on her finery and create a festive showing - which is going to make for a such lovely landing spot.  So join the fun as we make Charleston our (HoHo)home for the weekend!

Cost:  $947 per person (Want a private room? No problem! But add $227 to your total.)

Spots Available?  14... first come, first serve!

What is included?

  • 8 meals

  • 3 activities

  • 4 tours - three are set to be private... and two have been curated specifically for Take a Trip

  • Weekend transportation

  • 3 nights of accomodations

What is NOT included?

  • You have to get yourself to and from the fun

  • Any souvenirs or extra treats you want along the way

  • Any alcoholic beverages

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